We offer a variety of electrical services for residential properties. We have experience in working on new and older homes, including new construction and remodels. Whether your project involves lighting design for a room in your home, installation of energy-saving improvements, such as LED lights or whole house fans, or the complete re-wiring of your home during a full remodel, we can help. We are also available to maintain and improve the electrical systems in rental properties to help ensure long-term, hassle-free relationships with tenants.

We will evaluate your electrical needs and explain our proposed solutions, before you are asked to sign any contracts. We will sit down or walk through your projects and discuss our proposal to assure everyone involved that we understand your needs and our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Aside from the frustration related to dealing with electrical problems, they may also be dangerous. Power outages and short circuits may lead to fires and further damage to your building and electrical system. Other areas such as broken sockets, which may be a nuisance, may become an even larger, more hazardous issue when inexperienced persons experiment with do-it-yourself fixes. Allow us, Master Electric Corporation, to troubleshoot your problems. We pride ourselves in the ability to identify problems and provide solutions that will prevent the problem from reoccurring. Contact, Master Electric for a licensed, knowledgeable electrician to you out of harm’s way.

Lighting Design

With years of experience in the electrical trade and a keen eye for detail, we have developed the ability to properly illuminate any space. Our lighting design services include Title 24 compliant lighting design, landscape design, task lighting, highlighting artwork and general lighting.

Accent Lighting is a popular way to create contrast to add more visual appeal to rooms. Basic ceiling lights- surface or recessed- flood the room with light and create no contrast in the room at all. Accent lighting layers the lighting in the room and creates visual cues for our eyes. It highlights the focus point at a higher level that the rest of the room This can be effective in emphasizing interior design elements.


We provide a number of general and specialty services to meet your needs including main electrical panel upgrades, ground receptacles, dedicated circuits, sub panels, ceiling fans, whole house fans, timer controlled GFcI protected receptacles for outdoor seasonal lighting . We can also, wire and install power systems, lighting systems, telephone lines, data wiring, pool and spa electrical, ceiling fans and all of your business and home electronics. We also work on code repairs and electrical safety inspections. If you want to lower your business or home electric bill and increase your energy efficiency, our electricians can also recommend power saving solutions for you. We work on projects for homes and apartments, restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, medical facilities, business offices and more.