About Us

Master Electric Corporation was founded by Lucio Villasenor in 2010. Lucio Villasenor, an electrical engineer by education began his career as an electrician in Chicago Ill., in 2000, where he worked in residential and commercial construction. Lucio Villasenor then took his skills to Las Vegas in 2005 and continued to build on his experience and customers service skills.

Arriving in the East Bay in 2001, Lucio Villasenor worked for a local electrical contractor before starting his own construction company where his company grew continually for two and a half years, mostly by word of mouth.

Now, as President and CEO of Master Electric Corporation, Lucio continues to build relationships with local residents and general contractors in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Although, the majority of our work comes from the relationships that we have built with bay area general contractors, we still provide services to individual homeowners, one house at a time.